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Delicate caramel with crispy rice, roasted peanuts and sweet raisins coated in two layers of natural chocolate. Unwrap a sweet and get instant access to undiluted pleasure!

Ingridients: Milk chocolate (34,5% cocoa), dark chocolate (49% cocoa), filling (glucose, fructose syrup, crispy rice, crushed roasted peanuts, raisins, sugar, whole milk powder, vegetable fat, salt, emulsifier (lecithin), flavor (vanillin)).
Nutritional value: 100 g of the product contain: protein-6,3; fat-19,4; carbohydrates-58,7. 100 g - 433,4 kcal
Each sweet is wrapped in film (double twist wrap), packaging – plastic bags 100 g, 170 g or 500 g each.
Net weight:
100 g and 170 g (small pack) or 500 g (big pack).
Best before:
8 months after manufacture date
Storage conditions:
Store at temperature (15-21)° С and relative humidity up to 75%